I welcome inquiries from clients and collectors that wish to commission new creations. Please note that the bare minimum time to complete a project is one month, and that larger and/or more complicated designs can take much longer.

Please contact me via my Etsy store to begin our conversation!

I am not a full-time artist. I have a job, a wife, and two children. They take priority of course, but I will do my utmost to complete your requests within the time agreed upon.

It’s also important for prospective clients to understand that handmade items are not perfect – and they’re not intended to be. Nearly anyone can load in a template to a CNC robot and get a perfect copy of that design, over, and over, and over again. That robot-made item will have everything they want – minus the heart, soul, and creativity of an artist.

Commission Process

1. Initial Chat & Development

In our initial conversations, I will ask about sizing, placement, design requests, and budget. I want to know what you envision, why you envision that, and the story behind this project. The goal is to create a shared vision that can be realized through wood.

2. Design

I will then create some designs/mockups based on our shared vision for the work. I’ll send them to you, and we’ll discuss/edit as needed until we’re both comfortable about the direction of the final work.

3. Deposit and Creation

I will need a non-refundable deposit of 50% to cover the materials and initial work. I hope you understand that I cannot undertake hours of work and use up resources without a serious commitment.

I will begin working on the piece, providing occasional updates (including photos) as I go. I will ask you questions about various decisions that may be made through the creation process, and will consult you with options if any concerns arise.

4. Completion and Final Payment.

Once the work is completed, the remainder payment is due before I release the work. I generally include shipping into the initial budget, however additional shipping costs may be added for pieces that are more fragile and/or require additional packaging than normal.